We are “OS community strong” and we want to keep our community informed of what our local businesses are doing, what our City is saying and how our County is preparing during this time related to COVID-19 (coronavirus).  We continue to post on our Facebook page and social media stories our businesses specials, how they are observing the guidelines to make their customers feel safe and what options there are. 

We also have resource links on the home page of our website, www.rennyr4.sg-host.com including small business resources, health information, local government and school links, festival and event updates, parks status and museum details. We want our businesses to stay strong during this time, so any assistance available will be posted on the small business resources page on our website. We are encouraging all to use the hashtag #OSCommunityStrong when sharing information about an individual business or any activities related to how Ocean Springs is handling and observing the coronavirus pandemic. As always, we are asking all businesses and individuals to follow the national guidelines set of social distancing, hand washing and taking care during this time.  Follow us at www.facebook.com/oceanspringschamberofcommerce to stay up to date.